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What The Southern Progressive Blog Is

Hello, and welcome to our Blog. We are very glad you are with us, and hope that your time here will be informative, entertaining, and meaningful. We have a large task before us, and we need all the progressively minded help we can find here in The South. Democrats, Liberals, and especially Progressives are most welcome here, but we will be polite to anyone–so long as they act like they are guests in our home. This especially applies to those who would consider themselves to be Conservatives, Republicans, or Tea Party members

This Blog is a reflection of the weekly radio show “Progressive Politics: Tennessee Style” (PPTS), which you’ll find over at Blog Talk Radio.  Our intent, upon naming the show, was to provide a platform where Progressives and like-minded activists, politicians and organizations could come to hear about the work going on in the South within the universe of Progressive Politics. The show has a very definite Southern flavor, but is always brought to you with polite, courteous, friendly, inviting style…you know, Tennessee style.

I created the show after reading one particular “South Bashing” (and highly offensive) diary written by a fellow blogger friend of mine over at Daily Kos. Many took great exception to it, with one notable exception: The writer wanted Southern Progressive activists to speak up for their activism, to bring their work to the national conversation. I do agree that we must do that, but how? Many bloggers do that every day, especially those who are also those same activists. Yet, we do not have a common gathering place to learn, grow and share with each other the successes and/or challenges of the realities before us. We do tend to prefer the dark, smoky backrooms of political hedonism, and rightfully so. We understand much better than some of our fellow citizens the value of associating quietly, in non-public spaces in order to accomplish our work. We also understand the necessity of putting a genteel face on our work, lest we offend some of our conservative brothers and sisters.

We, better than most, understand that politics is a very, very nasty business. We have come to love our politics in the South. We love our politicians, too. Sometimes, we even work to move their (or even our) work forward. While I do have little hope that we will ever successfully point a klieg light into that back room, PPTS will bring you the live coverage of the conversations being held there. From across the Southern United States, Progressives will come to inform, educate and motivate citizens to the causes, activities, and activism of the Progressive South.

Our show will begin with a thirty minute format, which airs live at 1:30 PM (Central Time) on Sundays. We are looking for at least one co-host, and at least 20 guests to line up for a 15 minute guest interview, and 10 minutes of caller questions and answers. But, the most important thing we are looking for today is to gather a strong listener base. This blog will highlight upcoming guests, expand on the work of previous guests, and provide opportunities for you to become a more effective Progressive activist where you live. We must warn you, in advance, that most Southern strategies and tactics are generally not considered to be “safe” or “effective” much above the Mason-Dixon Line, but you are certainly invited to employ those that seem to make sense for you as a citizen, or an activist, or a Progressive candidate–or even a Progressively motivated organization.  But, you must do so at your own risk. We Southern Progressives understand our citizens, and those things that directly concern them. It is to them we respond.

The primary citizens this show will most likely appeal to will be from:

North Carolina
South Carolina
Mississippi and

Because we want to, and because these progressives could definitely use some lovin’, we also include:


* Honorary Members

When you call in live to our radio show, we will ask you a couple of questions:

1. What’s yer moniker? and
2. What part of the South are you from?

(Note: We have accepted callers from Southern California, Southern North Dakota, Southern Maine…you get it?)

Of course, there was that ONE guy that said he was from Southern Roseau, Minnesota that slipped through our bouncer’s care, but we let him pretend to be Southern anyway. (Roseau is 5 miles from the Canadian Border, so we let him claim to be from “Southern Canada, ‘ey!” (What a hoser!)

Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives are on everyone’s radar. We want them on OUR radio! Candidates, organizations, and activists from across the South are welcome to participate as guests. If you would like on our show, just drop a line to You can also leave a note on our contact form here on the blog. Please make your request at least four weeks prior to the air date you would prefer, so that you can get the information we need to give you, and we can get the information on about you we need to get.

We are a friendly group, but we do have a mean  ban hammer.  Play nice, and you will be given that respect you give our listeners. This is the only warning you will get on PPTS. We expect our participants, guest and callers alike, to act as if they were in our host’s home for the first time. Our host, TNProgressive is a really nice fella, but he will not abide rude behavior (just so ya know.)

That’s what Progressive Politics Tennessee Style (PPTS) is all about. We hope you will join us on our first episode, on Sunday March 25th, 2012 at 1:30 PM (Central Time). You can also chat in our listener Chat Room during the show! Stay tuned, Southern Progressives. We are, much to the fear and trepidation of some, ON THE AIR! 🙂



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