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Episode #2: “Propaganda!” Post Show Wrap

Radio FM Broadcast TX - Rack

Radio FM Broadcast TX - Rack (Photo credit: Leonardo Rizzi)


 Today we travel to 31 AD!

Yes, it truly has been around that long. But why are we discussing it today?

Interesting question. I ran across an article this morning speaking of the proposed legislation brought forth by Oklahoma Junior State Senator Ralph Shortey which would ban the inclusion of any body fluid or body material from the corpses of aborted fetuses. This began a particular journey through history which landed me squarely among to government officials of the Alexandria-Roman government circa 31 AD. And back. We also visited with the recent history of Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr. through the eyes and heart of his son.  I ran into this particular story over at the place where a lot of my national activism, namely

Now haviung offered you the official PPTS reference material for today’s episode, I would also tell you that the show was, from all apparent sources, well received. Listeners solicited to evaluate each show gave a good report. There are some production values issues which we will deal with. I am not usually given to using anything like “Umm….” but found it sprinkled throughout the show. I also had no idea that the microphone I use was as sensitive as it obviously is, so you can expect no further sounds of sniffing on-air. Jeesh! 🙂

Today’s episode also was the first which presented an unexpected moment for me, as the show host, to deal with. I accidentally gave a phone number for a caller out, over the air. I thought I had not, and have a set history of never doing so–ever. While callers to my show understand that their presence and their words become the property of the show when they agree to speak on-air, this was an error on my part. As I stated to the caller (and to his satisfaction), the pertinent five seconds of the show not only identifying his phone number, but the short following discussion of it (as well as a post-show group discussion here) resulted in the not-yet-archived show being brought down from the show’s site, and a corrected version of the show being uploaded in it’s place. When you listen, around the 1:04 mark and forward, you will hear  a slight “skip” where someone other than myself is speaking on-air. As you will surely determine after hearing the show, the conversation between us was very much worth the considerable effort required to remove the offending moments, while preserving the remainder of this listener’s conversation with me on-air. Lesson learned. Thank you, listener, for your willingness to help us make, even our earliest shows, better. I appreciate it.

broadcast live (3)

broadcast live (3) (Photo credit: steve loya)

There are really only two “hard” rules for PPTS. Violations of these rules will be met harshly, immediately, and described by the show staff or host as “Tom Foolery“. That’s not a good thing.

1. You must tell us the name you will use while on our show. We prefer it be a real name, but that is not a requirement. It just makes it a whole lot more friendly to address a caller by a name than “Guest227492”. That’s what the production team sees when you call in. We also ask you to tell us which part of the South you are from. Yes, I have allowed “Southern Roseau, Minnesota“.

2. Play nice. If time permits, you will be given as much time as possible to state, and defend your case. We prefer your case be on-topic, and germane to the current show’s discussion. If not, say so, and why you wish to air this subject. We do respect our guests, our callers, our fans and followers. As the show continues to develop, we believe you will see that as a positive demarcation between our show and others you might tune into from time to time.

We usually try to keep on-task, on-target and on-topic here. But we are perfectly willing to travel down unknown roads in the pursuit of dialogue, and understanding. It’s a joy of our show that many shows just simply do not, or cannot permit. At least for now, PPTS can, and PPTS will. Should that change, the on-air instructions to callers will so indicate.

Today’s show was, for me, one of surprise. Some shows must be scripted, and followed to the tenth of every second. Some don’t. This one didn’t. What we hope is that those who listen in, either live or through our archive, will consider the reality of propaganda in their daily lives. The solution is speaking truth against it. That is a core principle of Progressives. Doing so with Tennessee Style can be a bit of a learning curve. It ususally begins with a deep examination of the phrase “Bless your heart!” (Consider yourself warned. You heard it here, first!) 🙂

What do I hope is the result of this show?

This episode took me to a very uncomfortable place. Through the show, the chat, and the callers I wound up in a place I didn’t expect to see, yet was glad to be where I was.

The episode gave me food for thought, and food for action in the days and weeks ahead. I’m grateful for that. It makes the work worthwhile.

I’d also love to give a shout out to my fellow UK Wildcat fanatics! GO, KATS!

For the show,

kybudman, The Tennessee Progressive


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