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May 20, 2012 “ALEC vs. Public Education…In Tennessee and the Progressive Southern US Today

Recently, The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) held its Spring Meetings in Charlotte, North Carolina (May 10-11, 2012). For a few weeks, I have been stating on-air that I was going to begin calling out publicly those members of the Tennessee delegation to ALEC, who are current or immediate past members of ALEC. I have spoken with some of this delegation, advising them of my intent to publish the delegation names, and those task forces of which they are a member, as well as those Tennessee State Legislators who serve as members of ALEC leadership.

Today, I have decided to, based upon the importance of the discussion we will be having on the war against public education that ALEC is waging, and the shifting tides of the electoral politics of the Progressive South in the 2012 federal election, publish the names of that delegation here.

The following Tennessee elected Representatives have been identified as being active, or immediate past members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC):

ALEC Tennessee State Legislative Members:

House of Representatives


ALEC Board of Directors:

Rep. Steve McDaniel (R-Tennessee)

Rep. Curry Todd (R-Tennessee)

Tennessee State Chairs:

Source:; (April 22nd, 2012)

Members whose names are bolded in this list are Democratic members of ALEC.  Members whose names are in red are members of the ALEC Public Education Task Force. Members whose names are bolded and underlined are members who represent me. The numeric references are the source information from the ALECExposed documents.

You must understand that the intent and purpose of the ALEC Public Education Task Force is NOT to preserve, enhance, or improve public education in Tennessee. The sole purpose of this task force is to eliminate public education, nationally. Privatization of education is the single goal, and Tennessee is one of the laboratories which ALEC is using to actively create their intent. It is also terribly important to note that the same action is taking place, not only across State Houses across the Progressive South, but in our federal legislature, as well. Looking at the agenda, resolutions, and proposed model bills discussed by the Education Task Force in Charlotte will be a real “eye opening” event in your life. I do highly recommend your attention to it, especially in light of today’s show.

This blog entry is quite rare. It is a first, in fact. Usually, we write entries to “wrap up” our episodes. This one, however, is a “preparation” entry that we hope will educate and inform you. We’ll see you live, on air at 2:30 PM on Sunday, May 20th, 2012.


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