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2012 Fundraising Campaign Is Happening NOW!




The group which led to the creation of Progressive Politics:Tennessee Style (PPTS) is hosting our first annual operations fundraising event. Our goal is to raise a total of $12,000.00 for the 2012 season of the show. 

We cannot continue to provide the funds that make the show possible, and we need YOUR help. Right now, the show is $500.00 in arrears. The show has been consistently growing, for the 8 listeners who shared our first episode with us, to more than 1,100 listeners who shared our latest episode. This is a truly great thing.

But as the listenership goes up, so do the costs we are charged for bringing the show to you. We hope you will go to the party, and give a show you can believe in some coin. Become a member, a donor or even a supporter of the show with a sustaining donation, or subscription. There are several ways to donate, and participate. We are even beginning the PPTS Nation!

And be sure to share the fun tonight, from 7-9 PM as we bring a Fundraising show to you live, working to raise our annual operating budget in one day! We’ll have a ton of fun, and you can call in to the show to share the fun by calling (347) 426-3348. You will meet Progressive Sara, the show’s Producer and Co-Host. You can join us in our lively chatroom during the live show, as well. There you will meet our Research Director, Progressive Becky. You can state your case (You know the rules!), share in the debate, and post your questions for us to answer on-air, during the live show. 

We’re on the Air! We’ll see YOU there! And, thanks in advance for the help we need to keep PPTS going.


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This entry was posted on May 30, 2012 by in PPTS.
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