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Annual Fundraising Event May 31st, 2012 11 AM – 11 PM (Central Time)

Daily Kos is on fire

Daily Kos is on fire (Photo credit: Sean Hackbarth)

Today is the show’s fundraiser for our annual budget over at the show’s home sight, The Daily Kos. We hope you will join us, and even help a little if you can.  Today’s Fundraiser has a total goal of $12,000.00, (Our Annual Budget-2012). We have committed a total of 12 hours to this project today. We hope you will join us, donate, and share in some fun! This is our first live telethon. Our show’s future depends upon our success. We want you to help us succeed, quickly with this mission so we may clearly, and without distraction, carry on the more important missions of the show.

I’ll be updating at The Daily Kos, The Nation, and here. Come on over. Offer just a little of your time, talent, and treasure. Say “Howdy, Neighbor!” Sit a spell, and take a load off. We’ll see YOU there!

OH! By the way! For fans and friend of PPTS, we’ll be having a very special show tonight, from 7-9 PM (Central Time) for your calls and chat. It’s a show just for our fans and friends. So feel free to join in. You can listen here, or call in to (347)426-3348 to speak with our host. We’ll review what we’ve learned so far, and look forward to the upcoming year’s work.  Please donate as you can. You can always create a monthly subscription, as well over at our NationBuilder site, as well.


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