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Local vs. National Advocacy: PPTS is both!

As the number of those choosing to join the PPTS nation grows, one of the advantages to belonging to the PPTS Nation is the opportunity to look a little bit behind the microphone from time to time. We’ll never reveal it, but we do believe that “the secret’s in the sauce!” (Thanks, Idgy!), but more than just the mechanics of providing a nationally aired radio show, it is our hope that you will come to appreciate the actual work that goes into every episode.

The truth is that we made the decision, last March, to offer a show every single Sunday afternoon, from 2:30 PM – 4:30PM (Central Time) over at our home site
. Come the Holidays, we then disregarded that commitment, and took  most of December off! Well, how’s that? There are some pretty good reasons for that, but after a barn-burner election, which we did cover from our home town to the White House, advocating for Progressive causes and candidacies up and down the ticket, as well as participating with several local and national advocacy operations; illness and some silly health issues, and just de-compressing in general, I believe the show needed a break. I know that I did. 48 high quality episodes can take a toll on a person, I tell ya.

Being who I am, the time away from the mic gave me some concentrated time for individual research. The shows I do take a lot of time, and work to bring to you. My choice, my obligation. I’m not complaining, but I do want those thousands of listeners who tune us in each week to understand the reality of what we do here. I hope it gives you a sense of the flavor which makes our shows possible. One of the constant questions we face as we, as a team, prepare our shows is the one stated in the title: Local, or national coverage? Now, with the Tennessee Legislature back in session there are doubtless some wild and silly things that we, as Progressives, will be compelled to deal with in an 84% Super majority State Legislature. There are equal shenanigans to be dealt with within the reporting journalism of our national legislature, as well. Beyond that, there are “spot” (current, right now) issues and long-term advocacy with which PPTS participates. Add to that the desire to highlight the activities, activists and activism of the Progressive Southern United States, and you have quite the bucket to draw from. How do we decide how much, from which bucket, to bring to you each and every week? Simple.

Okay, not simple. PPTS operates on an eight-week production schedule, in four “blocks” of approximate 20 minutes each. We try to reserve 10 minutes in each 30 minute “Block” for comment and question responses from either our live chatroom or from our live call-ins. Across the episodic schedule, filling four blocks: “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D”, with either the “A” or “D” block reserved for myself, (unless the guest deserves to have extended on-air time) actually does get a bit easier, the closer to air that Episode gets. The only “firm commit” is to a previously scheduled and committed special guest. Blocks are also portable, across episodes, depending on how important, or “right now” the topic, guest, or block may be. (Flexibility is our first rule!) Plus, with eight hours each week dedicated to the “overnight” demographic, the crew produces 10 hours of live radio, for a total of 14 hours every week speaking for Progressives. That generally takes more white board than I’ve got! But, because you choose to share your time with us, we continue to work to make certain your time is honored and respected, no matter what it is we are discussing.

If you thought that the show would lose either listeners, or reason to air after the elections, I can tell you that nothing is further from the truth. Thanks to you, more listeners are listening to us each week, and each month, the the one previous to it. We are growing. We want to continue that trend. We, as a team, feel that it is not our job to “be” the news, or to “create” the news. Our task is to bring a Progressive perspective TO the news. One of the comforts of being a Progressive is that we can find, or challenge the truth wherever we find it missing. We do not intentionally decide to put a Progressive spin on the truth. We choose to report the truth, no matter whom that may or may not positively effect. It is in that truest color of journalism that our show operates. Sometimes, we just mess it up. We do reserve the right to maintain our mortality. When the show, or one of it’s staff, makes a mistake, we will be as quick as possible (and usually quicker than most listeners, to be honest) to admit our error, correct it if/when we can, and ask your forgiveness. That’s what I was always taught was journalistic integrity. I like that. I think we should have more of it. I want what I do in broadcast journalism, or in print journalism, or in Public Speaking to reflect that integrity. That is something that should be able to safely navigate the sometimes difficult journey between local and national conversations.

We hope you will agree. It’s building to be an amazing year for PPTS. We thank you for beginning this journey with us. Stay tuned. I think you’ll really like what’s coming up.  Thanks for all you do. Who wants to go to the Inaugural? Anybody?

We’re on the air!

We’ll see YOU  there!



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